The Tecnovi® spring tension compensator provides the following benefits for winegrowers.

It is significantly more effective than the conventional stiching compensators and enhances the overall maturation process of the grapes.

-The working time needed for the stitching is reduced by up to 70%.

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-Tecnovi® meets all the functional requirements for the spring tension compensators:

- Mounting is simple and requires no special tools.

-Tecnovi® is clamped into the posts' built-in slots.

-The wires can be strung into (and unstrung through) the spring eyelets in open-wire frames.

-After that, it requires no further work: it's done!

-From now on, using the Tecnovi® spring tension compensators, the strung wires can be opened or closed as needed.

-Pruning and spraying operations are facilitated, since no overhanging foliage interferes with the vine rows.

-Thanks to the careful stitching work, you save up to 50% of your (spray??) when spraying the plants.

-Tecnovi® helps the grapes ripen as sunlight, air circulation and humidity are enhanced by the absence of foliage.

-Tecnovi® protects the plants from wind and storm thanks to its flexible positioning.

-Tecnovi® is made of galvanized steel of 2.8 mm, which guarantees a lifetime of 25 years, even in severe climatic conditions.

We offer the corresponding Tecnovi®  for all posts and/or profiles.


Give Tecnovi® a try! You'll be glad you did!