Profil Alsas SAS:     P3, P4N, P5, P5M, P5L, P5E und P6

Artos®:              Terroir, PiquetPlus, C40 / 50 / 60, D65, ECO 45 / 50 / 55 / 60

voestalpine:        Leova VA 60/40 S-TOP / TOP, VA 50/40 S-PLUS / I-PLUS,

                         VA 50/35 PLUS und VA 40/25 SOLID

voestalpine:        Linus Classic, Click, Vinus und PP 5345

Pro Vino:          Cugnart S, Cognart C54

Pro Vino:          Welser Original und Welser Uni

Wood piles:       Square and round

Tecnovi® has a standard width of 40-50 cm in its open position.

It can also be delivered in any width you wish.

Tecnovi® spring tension compensator is currently available for the following post systems: